Solar energy

Enbridge has a significant ownership portfolio in solar power, which can generate electricity with no emissions, no waste production, and no water use.

In 2020, the 2.3-megawatt (MW) Lambertville Solar Project entered operation in New Jersey. We also started construction of the 2.5 MW Heidlersburg Solar Project, in Pennsylvania, and the 10.5 MW Alberta Solar One project, both of which will enter operation in Q1 2021.

In 2012, we entered the U.S. solar energy market with our acquisition of the 52 MW Silver State North, the first solar project built on U.S. public lands. Enbridge has a 51% ownership interest in Silver State North, which is located in Clark County, Nevada and generates enough emission-free energy to serve the needs of more than 11,500 homes.

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Silver State North is a strategic complement to three Ontario-based solar projects, in which Enbridge holds a 51-percent ownership interest. This includes the 80 MW Sarnia Solar projectone of the largest operating photovoltaic facilities in Canada.

Key facts about our solar power investments:

  • 93 MW: Emission-free power capacity from our solar investments (based on net generation figures, which exclude our partners' stake in the projects).
  • 17,943:  Number of homes that our solar investments can power each year (based on net generation figures, which exclude our partners' stake in the projects).
View our interactive map to learn more detailed information about Enbridge’s solar energy assets.