Al Monaco Statement on Shareholder Resolution

May 11, 2017

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, Enbridge Inc. shareholders voted against a proposal requesting a report to shareholders detailing the due diligence process used by Enbridge, its affiliates and subsidiaries to identify and address social and environmental risks, including Indigenous rights risks, when reviewing potential acquisitions.

In response to the shareholder proposal, we have committed to include even broader disclosures into the 2017 CSR & Sustainability Report.

“We believe that form of communication on the issue is a good one, because it goes to all stakeholders, not just shareholders. And I think it gives people a very broad picture, around our social and environmental commitments and our performance across all of our operations. It includes the steps we’re taking to fulfil our Indigenous Peoples Policy. And it will be updated so people can see how things have changed,” said Enbridge Inc. President and CEO Al Monaco. “So one thing that shouldn’t be in doubt is the fact that we recognize and respect the legal and constitutional rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the vital relationship they have with traditional lands and resources, and I believe that our company has had great relationships built over many decades with Indigenous Peoples on either side of the border.”