Make your voice heard on the Line 3 Replacement Project

Show your support for the Line 3 Replacement project by sending the comment below to the Minnesota Department of Resources (DNR). After you've added your contact information in the form below, Enbridge will deliver your comment to DNR on your behalf.

Line 3 Replacement DNR Permits

Request for Prompt Processing and Approval

I ask that the DNR promptly process and approve all permits needed for the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project to move forward.

The Line 3 Replacement Project has been designed to minimize impacts on wetlands and waterbodies. Less than 18 percent of the total required construction workspace are wetlands and of that, 99.98 percent of the wetland impacts are temporary and will be restored.

Enbridge has developed multiple plans and procedures that detail best management practices and mitigation measures to be used during construction to minimize impacts. Examples include using timber mats to limit wetland disturbance, installing erosion control devises, and utilizing appropriate waterbody crossing methods.

Although over 99 percent of wetland impacts are temporary and will be restored, Enbridge intends to utilize wetland mitigation to compensate for unavoidable project impacts. Line 3 is the most studied pipeline project in Minnesota history, and has already undergone an environmental impact statement. Replacing an aging pipeline with new, modern construction, is the safest and best option for protecting the environment and communities.